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Sandoz was a company that merged with Ciba-Geigy to form Novartis. The name was later reused as the name of Novartis' generic drug subsidiary.

Parents be warned, as stated on a article in 2019, "Recalls of Losartan for a carcinogen impurity have been numerous since July 2018. But that’s not why Sandoz recalled about 636,000 bottles of Losartan Potassium and cholesterol medicine Ezetimibe last week. The exact problem, as stated in the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recall notice: “The prescription drug packaging is not child-resistant as required by the Poison Prevention Packaging Act, posing a poisoning risk if swallowed by children.”


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Poste siège (Former Employee) says

"Mon expérience chez Sandoz a été très décevante sur tous les points. La culture d’entreprise est absente. Aucun respect des salariés . Une honte . A fuir Cons: La liste est longue"

Siege (Current Employee) says

"Laboratoire avec un portefeuille intéressant mais complètement pénalisé par une Direction sans bienveillance. Une atmosphère malsaine se dégage de certains départements. Le management terrain scientifique est incompétent. Le Laboratoire devrait se poser des questions sur un turn-over global important.... il n’en est rien. Cons: Management, Jalousies interne, malveillance"

auxiliar de produção (Current Employee) says

"Eu gosto de trabalhar boas empresas Cons: Bom"

Tech 1 (Current Employee) says

"My time here at Sandoz has been a big disappointment. They do not actually have a HR department, and what they do have is not for you, only managers. They are slow to train, they flip flop decisions on a daily basis, and they enjoy dragging the weak and useless to the finish line with them. I honestly can not say this company has one thing right or is even trying to get there. It is a stressful work environment with unconcerned managers. If you come here be prepared to have a mandatory 6 day work week every week. I have never seen such a big company pretend they operate perfectly while sweeping everyday to day activities under the rug. Cons: It would take to much space to answer this question appropriately"

Product Launch Manager - Supply Chain (Current Employee) says

"- Communicating the customers with the launch statuses Cons: Long work hours"

FM (Current Employee) says

"over all review my company is good"

Medicaid Specialist lll (Current Employee) says

"I learned that those in upper management ONLY look out for those they like/friends with. Cons: Poor Management"

Poste Terrain (Current Employee) says

"Je ne recommande pas du tout cette entreprise. Le Management est inéquitable et le support RH inexistant. Cons: RH, Management, Avantages"

Operator (Current Employee) says

"There is never a chance to grow. You could be doing good and they will never notice. Trying to get promoted is like giving them a kidney. They don't want to promote you for the work you do. There is hardly any employee appreciation. You have to work overtime in order to receive that. Your regular day to day work doesn't count. The old timers there are not nice at all. They are spiteful. If they don't like you while a trainee well don't hope to get trained or even a chance. Following the rules isn't really in their category. They just want to save their own by sweeping problems under the rug and getting rid of it. The employees best interest is not even considered. Expect to be doing the managers job without even being paid appropriately. Management and engineers walk around there changing rules acting like they know how everything works. Without considering how the operator works. Expect to have your arm pulled in ordered to get a job done. Cons: Everything is wrong there. It is only getting worse"

Quality (Former Employee) says

"No tienes vida personal, sólo trabajo y trabajo, más de 12 horas al día. Cons: Hay que estar en el trabajo muchas más horas de las contratadas"

Process Technician (Former Employee) says

"The crew I worked with was great. The management changed a couple times while I was there and one of my managers didn't seem to know the process very well and wasn't always supportive. The company itself wanted to push out a lot with skeleton crews and dated equipment. They also had mandatory "optional" over time. Some people would get written up for not working over time."

Biopharmaceuticals- Sr. Clinical Trial Lead (Former Employee) says

"Very bad management that did not know what they were doing. HR was even worse. The was a lack or management ethics and poor way of selecting people to take leadership roles. The method was political and who was friends with who"

Specialty Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"PDI is a terribly run organization and I am amazed they can still get contracts. Cons: cheap, poor and untrustworthy senior management, did not supply sales data"

Analista (Former Employee) says

"Caciquimos, no colaboración entre departamentos, problemas a la hora de proponer ideas, pésima gestión del mamagement con su equipo en general (salvo algún departamento), da facilidades solo a determinadas personas, exagerada burocracia para todo. Los beneficios sociales son inferiores a los de otras compañías del sector farmacéutico por mucho que abanderen lo contrario: no tiene seguro de salud gratuito y conciliación personal-laboral compleja. Cons: Caciquismos, mala gestión de equipos"

Packaging (Current Employee) says

"At first few weeks I like to work in this work place. I think if the trainer would take a time to train more would be great. Not just teach only for basic and you on your own. that way make me feel uncomfortable to performs my work, come on this is a life thread and death job for other family. Other than that it is a great place for a career. Cons: Too much work, don't have enough time to train on the jobs. Got yell at a lots of time, and too much pressure and super stressful work place."

Corporate Attorney (Former Employee) says

"Departure of previous President could be a good sign for employee engagement. Be sure to ask about turnover, corporate restructuring and the sale of assets that will transform what the company is and does."

Associate Director of Marketing (Current Employee) says

"Staffed with extremely smart individuals that are dedicated and passionate. Unfortunately, many in leadership are clueless how to onboard and lead newly hired talent, which leads to frustration and resignations. Turnover is explosive."

Technical Operatios (Former Employee) says

"Don't expect reward or recognition here. Hours are brutally long and there are no boundaries - you will be called at all hours and while on vacation. Trust no one - the politics are rampant. Cons: Terrible culture, no work/life balance, bad management"

Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"Good collegial employees; strange/uncomfortable relationship with the adoptive parent company; innovation loses out to time pressure; good culture due only to local employees, in spite of management impediments; callous management processes, decisions and risk management"

Adjointe exécutive - 2 vice-présidents (Former Employee) says

"Trop de conformité, sécurité, management très faible. Cons: Mauvaise expérience"

Current Employee - Operations Specialist says

"I have been working at Sandoz International full-time for more than 5 years Cons: -Novartis has informally restricted employees from applying within network (even for months/years after sale or after quitting) as a result of impending sale so be aware of that fact when considering future options post-sale (if that ever actually occurs. Coming up on 2 years in the works). Novartis Global Leadership couldn't care less about associates at Sandoz and have been the furthest from transparent about timelines/decisions for impending sale to Aurobindo. Will not be held to the fire by Site Leadership so absolutely no information is disseminated in a timely manner, if at all. This includes information (such as benefits, PTO, sick days, etc) that is not at all captured under FTC oversight but we have continuously been given the excuse that none of this information is available because the FTC is reviewing the details. It is extremely condescending that they think the associates are too dumb to see right through it all. Novartis ECN has absolutely no respect from employees at the site level as a result. -Zero talent development. No young talent brought into site because it cannot compete with pay/bonuses/cultures in RTP, Raleigh-Durham area. For career prospects, you're genuinely better off starting at the bottom of any pharma company in RTP or Raleigh-Durham. -Zero consistency in decisions by management, so its hard to know how to handle day-to-day decisions without involving multiple managers. -Management is a group of people that have risen to their level of incompetence, minus a handful of people who haven't yet left simply to gather bonuses/severance when sale finally goes through. -Culture at site is non-existent, site leadership isn't interested in anything but meeting quotas for Novartis to ensure their annual bonuses. -Benefits are pretty good while still under Novartis, but have been declining in quality and cost more as the years go on. -Salary isn't competitive compared to working in RTP."

Former Employee - Laboratory Scientist says

"I worked at Sandoz International full-time Cons: I don't even know where to start...most of the problems are mentioned in previous reviews. The majority of issues arise from absolutely horrendous management by non-professionals who have been promoted due to favoritism. At one point my senior told me "it's not that you're bad, it's that you're not a favorite." This may have been acceptable if it weren't for the back-breaking work (60 hours/week) and unreasonable deadlines. Only work at this site if it is your last option, and have a plan on how to get out."

Former Employee - Analyst says

"I worked at Sandoz International full-time Cons: Future of the company is very uncertain due to many factors."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Sandoz International full-time for more than 5 years Cons: They try to cloud the dead space with these town halls with the positivity, and the Novartis CEO talks about all these great things but the realistic thing is that employees can do whatever they like. I raised concern to HR & BPO about issues that were happening within my area that I thought were not ethically correct and to me it seems like they are protecting or covering these employees. It is unfortunate that this has happened to a company like Sandoz as they had great talent that was recruited. The upper management encourages others to speak up but everyone that I know that speak up are getting let go or put on to get transferred so what kind of message are you really trying to send? The culture was good when I first started when I was in a different group but now it's really hit rock bottom as there are people constantly leaving. There a decent amount of empty cubicles. I'm not going to name which group I'm in but beware if you choose to apply good luck..."

Current Employee - Operations says

"I have been working at Sandoz International full-time for more than 10 years Cons: The culture has decayed and management needs to be refreshed."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Sandoz International full-time for more than a year Cons: due to large generic exposure to certain areas not allowed"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Sandoz International full-time Cons: Pathetic management, without knowledge of current industry standards, no communication. Teamwork is not allowed only individual contributors. Utilities fail constantly, HVAC leaks into building. No current technology, 20 years behind current standards. Employees made to use antiquated equipment. Bueracracy and the inability to move anything forward, Stay away, enormous turnover and peers and management all to eager to throw you under the bus and back over you repeatedly. No culture except work and additional work. Money is the ONLY driver and a lack of any to spend, no compassion for patients or employees."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Sandoz International full-time Cons: Culture of fear, limited professional development"


"I worked at Sandoz International Cons: Trust no-one. Do not report any problems. It will come back to bite you. Company persecutes you if you put issues in email. 10+ upper level employees jumped ship in last 30 days. Tells you something."

Current Employee - Chemist says

"I have been working at Sandoz International full-time for more than 3 years Cons: The managers are not good, they make us work a lot of overtime with no benefit for us just for them. Hours are very long"

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